Magnetic Levitating Air Plant Pot with Natural Wood Modern Home Decor

How nice would it be if our home décor items could be used to add beauty to your homes while reducing your stress level? 

We present the Levitation Magnetic Flower Pot - a unique flower pot that can be used to hold Air Plants that hypnotize you to provide relief from stress.

It comes in two parts: one circular disc at the bottom and a bowl at the top. The top bowl is for holding the Tillandsia / Air Plant that spins around continuously to create a hypnotizing effect. This flower pot is ideal for both home and office. The simple wood finish look makes it go with any décor style effortlessly.

At home, this Air Plant holder can be placed on the center of a table, in the hall or in your bedroom or study. Take a break and enjoy in this beautiful Levitation plant pot.

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