Interactive IQ Raising Paw-Shaped Puzzle Dog Toy

Channel your dog’s curiosity and intelligence into the Paw Activity Box Interactive Dog Toy. Created to challenge your dog, this toy is designed to hold treats, and your dog will have to figure out how to get to them. There’s seven different compartments, and each one leads to the tasty reward that you’ll hide inside, using lids. This game requires patience and concentration, making it an excellent outlet to expend energy in a positive way. Helps to prevent destructive behaviors that happen while you're away from your dog. 


  • Interactive dog toy requires your dog to use patience and concentration to get to the treats you hide inside.
  • Designed for the beginner to intermediate canine gamer with seven compartments that can be individually placed on the base.
  • Dogs can use different techniques for opening the treat-hiding compartments.
  • Vary the number and placement of treats to increase the level of difficulty

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